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Creating Links for Law Review Cite Checks is a service that allows you to archive web content and generate a URL that can be used to refer people to that content. So, if the website is edited or taken down, you and anyone else with the link will still be able to refer back to th


What does Perma do?

  •  Perma creates a permanent, archived version of a website and assigns a permanent URL to that archived version.

When should I use Perma?

  • Use Perma when citing to ephemeral material on the Internet, such as blogs or working papers – any website that does not already use another form of permanent URL.


How do I access Perma?

  • Go to and log in.
  • If you do not have a Perma account yet, contact the Perma Vesting Manager for your journal.  The journal’s Vesting Manager can set up individual editors and/or staff members with Vesting User accounts.  Those Vesting Users can then create Perma links.

How do I use Perma?


How do I cite to a Perma link?

  • Currently there is no Bluebook standard for citing Perma links.  Options include:

    Adam Liptak, In Supreme Court Opinions, Web Links to No Where, (Sept. 23, 2013), [].

    Nicolas P. Terry, Big Data Proxies and Health Privacy Exceptionalism 19-21 (Ind. Univ. Robert H. McKinney Sch. of Law Research Paper, Paper No. 2013-36, 2013), available at http://, archived at