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War, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity - Legal Research Strategies and Tips

This guide is prepared for a law seminar class at Washington University School of Law

Not all sources that you want to retrieve may be readily available

Experienced researchers will from time to time  experience that  not all trial documents are available online nor in all of the print sources.

 For example, in the ICTR case of Alfred Musema (ICTR-96-13), the original indictment charged Musema with "genocide, conspiracy to commit genocide" and other charges. The amended indictment charged him with "genocide, or in the alternative, complicity in genocide, conspiracy to commit genocide" and other charges. The charge of complicity in genocide was omitted from the original indictment.

The ICTR website only provides the amended indictment. The print source Reports of Orders, Decisions and Judgements (ICTR) likewise only includes the amended indictment (although it is not labeled "amended").

The only sources that reprints the original indictment (the indictment not including the complicity in genocide charge) are the Global War Crimes Tribunal Collection  KZ1190.G56. The bottom line: for the most thorough research, be sure to compare online and print availability of ICTR and ICTY documents!