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Using Litigation Analytics as a Job Search Tool : About the author

About the author

This guide was put together by Tove Klovning who is the law school's  Foreign/Comparative and International Law Librarian & Lecturer in Law and US Government Documents Coordinator. Feel free to email her at: should you need help getting familiar with these tools.

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Tove Klovning oversees foreign, comparative, and international law services at the law library and teaches Legal Research Methodologies I & II. She often guest lecturers on legal research methodology strategies in seminar classes and assists researchers with legal research questions relating to foreign law, comparative law, and international law, as well as questions related to the American legal system. She has written several research guides on American, international, and foreign legal issues. Klovning has taught in the Global Legal Studies Master Program at the Universidade Catolica Portuguesa in Lisbon, Portugal, and has been a speaker at both U.S. and international conferences. Before joining the law school, Klovning worked at the Albert Jenner, Jr. Law Library of the University of Illinois, assisted as a Visiting Research Scholar in the Ombudsman Office at Southern Illinois University, Illinois, was a law clerk intern for the Bergen Circuit Court in Norway, and a legal caseworker in Bergen, Norway. Klovning has resided in various countries across Asia and is multilingual. She is an associate member of the American Bar Association.

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