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Use Online Citators to Both Expand and Update your Research

Why is it important to validate your findings?

If a case, statute, or regulation is still good law, the citators will also often provide the researcher with current awareness features.

A case can be

Reversed by a higher court.

Overruled at a later date.

Superseded by a statute.

Criticized without being overruled.

Cited favorably by other courts, thereby strengthening its authority

A statute can be:

Superseded by a newer statute

Declared unconstitutional

Critized by a court

Treated favorably  by a court

It is possible to validate a case or just a legal issue in the case.  Shepard's allows you to validate specific sections in the statute. This option is  currently not offered in WestLawNext. In WestLawNext the entire statute is validated. WestLawNext. WestLawNext does not allow you to validated specific sections at this time.