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Embedding LibGuides into Canvas

This support guide demonstrates how to embed content from LibGuides into the Canvas course management system.

Steps to Embedding

Here's how to embed LibGuides content:

  • Navigate to the Canvas course where you would like to embed content and choose where you'd like it to live -- Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, Quizzes, Modules, or Pages.
  • Create your container (e.g., Assignment, Page, etc.) then Edit your item.
  • Move into the Rich Text Editor and either begin by typing in some instructions or immediately embed your LibGuides content by clicking on the electrical plug icon -->
  • Choose Library Resources (Manual) in the list of available Apps.
  • Use the drop downs to select the content you wish to embed in your page. After selecting an option from the first drop down, additional selection options will appear. 
  • Click Embed Content. Note: You can tinker with the HTML code later by clicking this icon editIcon.jpg towards the bottom of the Rich Text Editor.
  • Save and Publish your item and that's it!

Videos demonstrating process of embedding several different content types: