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College Writing: Places and Perspectives

"Row of Houses, Lafayette Square, St. Louis" by StevenM_61 is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

 Welcome to the Place & Perspective Research Guide!  

This page will provide a springboard from place-focused writing throughout College Writing into the final research project. From environmental psychology to cultural geography-- and from systems thinking to design thinking-- place-based research plays a prominent role in understanding the world around us. This page includes video tutorials, scholarly databases and primary source resources to launch your own Place & Perspective project.  

Any questions? Reach out to your instructor via e-mail or to the librarians listed below.

CW1 Place & Perspective Librarians

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College Writing Librarians

Your College Writing Class Librarian can assist you with your research throughout the semester for this class, and for your other classes. See your syllabus for who this person is for your class. You can also ask your instructor that they be added to Canvas so that they're available to you whenever you need them! 

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Our bilingual Librarians can assist students who need extra support in their research in their own language. Click the links to reach out to the librarian who can best help you!

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