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You're in Good Company: 2nd Annual Mini-Conference for Graduate Students in the Humanities

Being held August 18-19, 2015 in Olin Library. Prior registration required.

Three tech session options

The tech sessions feature tools for organizing and managing research and writing such as citation management, collaborative and individual cloud based writing notebooks, and writing software.   Zotero and Mendeley are reference managers which automatically save key citation information such as author and journal title to a personal library and generate bibliographies. Evernote and OneNote are online notebooks which can be shared or simply used as a space to write and organize notes. Lastly, Scrivener is a fee based writing app famous among novelist and writers of all sorts for its innovative interface which can organize your work by chapters as well as create and compare several draft edits of one work. 

All featured technologies are free except for Scrivener, which is $40 USD.  Additionally, some of the technologies have additional features for a fee.

Participants will be able to attend two tech sessions during the mini-conference.

  • Session 1:Citation/Reference Managers: Zotero & Mendeley

    Whether you are viewing a journal article in JSTOR or a new story from the New York Times or a book from the library catalog, Zotero can capture the relevant citation information and store it in your personal Zotero library. Also includes a word plugin which allows you to cite as you write.

    Mendeley can turn your pdfs into a fully-searchable library in seconds, allow you cite as you write and annotate your PDFs on various devices.

  • Session 2 : Online Notebooks: Evernote & OneNote

    Evernote is an online notebook featuring a webclipper browser extension allowing you to capture everything you see online, from an entire web page view or just clipping an image. Evernote can also search scanned images which have words into searchable texts.   Evernote can be configured as a Journal Current Awareness System.

    Microsoft’s OneNote online notebook has very similar capabilities like Evernote but does include some subscription service only features. 

  • Session 3 : Writing app: Scrivener
  • A fee based writing app which has allows editing or, ‘scrivening’ by temporarily combining individual documents into a single text, allowing you view and edit different sections of a manuscript. Includes a fully-featured outliner to plan first and write later, or write first and use the outliner to make sense of a first draft. Often called the best thing for writers since the word processor.