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Research Impact and Evaluation

Finding a Journal that is a Good Fit for your Article

Authors may follow many paths in deciding where to seek to publish their research. There are many clues to the quality of a journal, publisher or conference. Here is one method to get you going as you research where you may want to get your article published.

 There is no easy answer but you can start with:

1.Search the Journal Citation Report database to retrieve a list of Journals in your Subject area/or look at a specific title and click on the Related Journals button to see other titles. For example:

  • Click on this link: JCRWeb (Journal Citation Reports)
  • Click the radio button: Search for a specific journal: Journal of Geophysical Research-click the Submit button
  • Click the Abbreviated  Journal Title:  J GEOPHYS RES
  • Click the Related Journals button and browse the list!

2. Search the literature in your field and see where faculty/mentors in your subject area are publishing

3. Consider a reputable Open Access Journal where a colleague has published.