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Chicano Poetry

This is an overview of Chicano Poetry. From its pre-colonial origins to the Chicano Movement ending in the contemporary body of literature and works.


Welcome! The 1960s were a period of tremendous importance globally. In the United States, the struggle for civil rights hit its climax with many marginalized cultural, racial, and ethnical groups engaging in social protest for a better life. Those social movements were accompanied by their literary complements which captured the discourse that these groups were engaging in. This research guide focuses on the Chicano Poetry that was bred during this time. The Guide is complemented by the inclusion of information on other forms of Chicano literature: the novel and theater, sources on the Chicano Movement and Náhuatl poetry and the Floricanto. Ultimately, this guide seeks to be an entry point into the study of one of the most important literary movements for people of Mexican descent in the United States.

This Guide was developed by Library Summer 2018 Intern, Misael de la Rosa.

Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales' "I am Joaquín"

Director: Luis Valdes

Writer: Corky Gonzales

Voice: Luis Valdes

Selected in 2010 for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by The Library of Congress.

An intro to Chicano Poetry

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