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Data Literacies

Guidance on finding, evaluating, and asking meaningful questions with data.


These data visualization tools do not require any programming skills. All of the tools listed are either free to the public or free to members of the WashU Community.

These tools require prior programming knowledge in R, Python, or JavaScript.

Establishing a project management workflow is important when it comes to data literacy because it allows your collaborators to more clearly understand your data and they will be better able to ask questions or give feedback on the data used for the study. A disorganized project management workflow might result in collaborators misinterpreting data, which could be reflected in any data visualizations created as a result of the research. Two recommended project management portals are LabArchives and the Open Science Framework (OSF). LabArchives is available to any member of WashU free of charge, while OSF is free and open to everyone.