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Chemistry Writing Resources


When writing a manuscript, paper, or report in a given field, it is important to write properly and in the style of that discipline.  Additionally, when using sources including journals, books, and/or web sites in research papers or lab reports it is important and necessary to give credit to the original author by properly citing the sources. Citing sources and references will allow readers of your work to find the sources, which can further inform and enrich your work.  In every field, there are a variety of different citation and writing styles. The following links provide resources as well as guidelines for a variety of fields with a focus on writing and using citation formats associated with scientific fields--specifically chemistry. 

In chemistry, the go to guide for style and citation format is the ACS Style Guide:

Access to the ACS Style Guide available through Washington University in St. Louis Libraries online as an eResource, but also is available in print at the Chemistry Library and can be checked out for use.

Note: While the resources in the guide are meant to help, it is always important to follow the guidelines of the publication or course instructor that you are writing for.

General Resources on Writing Styles and Citations