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Bio 4031: Biological Clocks

Tools and tips from the library


Welcome to this page for Biological Clocks.  I hope you will help make it better by suggesting additions or corrections.  I also hope I can help you identify relevant books and journal articles, locate/access the ones you find and deal with any other library systems and tools effectively.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Many questions can be answered efficiently via email to me or a quick online chat with the Help Desk at Olin Library. I am also very happy to arrange a time to meet with you, so please email me or call me.

The Find Articles tab on this guide is where I've collected information on tools for searching for journal articles.

Since one of your assignments involves adding recent relevant publications to a Wikipedia article, I added Wikipedia:Citing sources to the Selected Websites tab of this guide.  I'm happy to add other tips, so send me questions or suggestions.  Thank you.

Ruth Lewis  email:  phone: 314-935-4819

Human biological clock

Biological clock human

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