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Brown School DPAC

Brown School DPAC (Dean's Professional Advisory Committee) Information Resource

About DPAC

Dean’s Professional Advisory Committee

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the DPAC is to bring unique perspectives, knowledge and skills to graduate education while promoting evidence-based practice, exchanging organizational best practices, and advancing racial equity through policy, practice, and research. The DPAC serves as a vehicle for collegial communication between leaders of practice-based social work and public health organizations and the Brown School. 


The DPAC meets to examine and deliberate upon issues that impact the School’s mission and strategy and affords the Dean and her faculty and staff opportunities to work with agency leaders.  Deeper practice-academic partnerships are an expected outcome.

DPAC Members

Members are drawn from distinguished alumni and friends of the Brown School who are accomplished, non-profit leaders and highly regarded professionals in social work and public health. Members are selected to help advance the School’s mission, assure that its programs meet expectations of stakeholders and respective professions, and engage in collaborative work.  DPAC members are expected to:

  • Help the Dean strengthen the School’s ties with community, alumni, and organizational leaders.
  • Assist and offer guidance to the School in advancing racial equity in the region.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to advance evidence-based practice in their organizations.
  • Assist the School in the development of leadership and management programming and curriculum that will strengthen organizational best practices throughout the region.
  • Engage with the Brown School in collaborative, practice-academic work to improve research, teaching, consultation, and practica.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to seek and advocate for joint funding for DPAC collaborative projects.
  • Demonstrate institutional support for equity involving clients, staff, and boards of organizations and willingness to present at DPAC meetings.

Brown School DPAC Information Resources

Welcome to the Brown School DPAC (Dean's Professional Advisory Committee) Information Resources
To the left is a link to all documents relevant to the DPAC meetings.  Additionally, you will find a link to the developing Racial Equity Fellows program that was presented at the June 14th meeting.  For your convenience an additional resource has been added that contains categorized evidence-based articles.  Each article is free to read.  Because some articles have copyright restrictions that do not permit the sharing of the article, please share the LINKS to the articles rather than the articles themselves.

Using the Brown School Library

Hours: DPAC Members are welcome to visit the Brown School Library during our daytime hours Monday-Friday

Assistance: ​Feel free to ask a librarian for one-on-one assistance. If you would like to set up a meeting with a librarian, please click the link:

Resources: While at the Brown School Library you can use your laptop or a library laptop to connect to our internet and search library subscribed databases, read library subscribed full-text articles, and use our paper resources.  You can email full-text articles to yourself or you can bring a USB drive if you prefer to save the article.  

For questions, and recommendations regarding DPAC guide content, please contact: 
Cynthia D. Williams, MSW, LCSW
Assistant Dean, Community Partnerships