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Faculty Resources

Use this guide to get started with Library Resources for your course.

Getting Started with Library Resources and Services

Welcome to WU Libraries! This guide is for faculty looking to integrate WU Libraries resources and services into classes


The best, easiest way to learn more about how the libraries can help is to meet with a librarian--ideally while you're planning your syllabus, but really anytime is the right time. 


Whether you opt to meet or not, here are a few simple options for including WU Libraries in your classes:


  • Add contact info for the relevant subject area librarian to your syllabus in the campus resources section
  • Include links to relevant subject research guides (examples) on your syllabus
  • Send this librarian an introductory email with a copy of your syllabus
  • Ask this librarian for...
    • downloadable info pages about library resources or research habits
    • research tutorial recommendations
  • Ask the librarian about making an online course guides (examples: English Seminar, Psych 358, Bio 4031)
  • Ask students to meet with a Librarian sometime during their research process
  • Tell your students about the on the Chat service and FAQs Libraries website
  • Encourage your students to try a citation management program--Zotero, for example
  • Take a mobile tour of Olin

Canvas Integration

You can integrate WU Libraries or even a specific research guide into your Canvas site using the Redirect Tool app :

  • Choose "settings"
  • Then select the "Apps" tab in Course Details

  • Search "Apps" for “Redirect Tool App"

  • Add the Redirect Tool, and follow directions for adding external links to your side navigation menu