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Incorporating Research Along the Way

Resources for Writing 1 Instructors

Why the Bag of Tricks?

Dear instructors,

In this research guide, we offer you strategies, exercises, and supplements to inject mini-doses of research methods over the course of the semester. By these materials, we hope to break down the research process so that students benefit from a full explanation of the ways in which you may have come to intuit or shortcut your process.

Because these strategies may ask that you adapt your routine, you may feel rusty demonstrating a strategy or employing an exercise. In this case, ask your class librarian!  Remember, your librarian can at once negotiate the vast databases and forecast student questions and concerns.

Most of all we hope that you model for students not only how research is conducted, but also why it is conducted. We intend to pass on to students that research is not confined to papers and projects; rather, research -- a habit of responsible inquiry -- is essential to the life of a curious and educated person.

In this spirit, we believe that we benefit from the experience of our community of instructors. While the library guide currently features the first round of ready-made ideas, we welcome your contributions.  If you have successful exercises or explanations, please let either of us know so we can add your tricks to the bag.


Peter and Kris