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Japanese and Korean Databases

List of databases in Japanese and Korean languages available through Washington University Libraries

Japanese databases

The following is the list of Japanese databases Wash U subscribes to.

For a more comprehensive list of openly accessible resources on Japanese Studies, visit Japanese Studies Research Guide.

All subscription-based databases require on-campus access OR proxy login. Please refer to this page for more information.

*** JapanKnowledge, Kokushi daijiten and Nihon rekishi chimei taikei databases all use the same, single system to authenticate your access. Those three databases, thus, cannot be used side-by-side at the same time. Also, when switching between those three databases, please make sure to log out from the database you are leaving by using the "log out" button on the top right corner of the search screen. The authentication system denies your access or keeps you in the same database forever if that step is not taken.

You can also browse and jump to Maruzen E-book Library titles from this research guide page.