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St. Louis History -- Archival Sources

an overview of primary and secondary sources available in University Archives about local history in St. Louis, with an emphasis on community groups and urban planning

Archives beyond WUSTL's campus

Many schools, businesses, churches, and associations in the St. Louis area maintain archives that are open to the public.  Speaking with an archivist or librarian at the site is always the best way to start.  Not all archives have inventories of their collections listed online, and smaller archives may not even have a website.  Always contact the organization well in advance of visiting, as often appointments are required. 

Missouri Historical Society & State Historical Society of Missouri

There are two local archives with very similar names, which can be confusing:  The Missouri Historical Society (MHS) and the State Historical Society of Missouri (SHSMO).  These are each separate organizations, in different locations and with different procedures for accessing the collections.   Both have extensive archive collections with excellent resources for St. Louis history. 
Note that these organizations are separate from the Missouri State Archives (MSA) which is headquartered in Jefferson City, Missouri, with a branch office in St. Louis (MSA-St. Louis). 

St. Louis Public Library Special Collections & St. Louis County Library History & Genealogy Collections

Both the St. Louis City  Public Library (SLPL) and St. Louis County Library (SLCL) maintain special departments for archival materials.  While located within larger libraries, hours for these specialty departments vary.