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The Copyright Claims Board (CCB): A New Forum for Copyright Disputes

The guide explains the new forum for copyright disputes, how to identify a notice, the proceeding processes, and actions the WashU community can take.

In 2020, Congress passed the “Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act of 2020,” known as the “CASE Act,” establishing a new chapter in U.S. copyright law. The CASE Act mandated the formation of the Copyright Claims Board (“CCB”), a tribunal operating through the U.S. Copyright Office instead of the federal judicial branch, for the purpose of deciding small copyright disputes via a streamlined, less expensive process. Damages are capped at $30,000 for CCB cases.

This page is for Washington University faculty, staff, students, and scholars who might find themselves in receipt of a notice that a CCB action has been initiated against them. The CCB began accepting cases in June 2022, and material on this page will be updated as necessary. As with all information on the Scholarly Communication and Digital Publishing Services website, we cannot provide you with legal advice. However, we can help you understand how the law works. If you have further questions, contact us at