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The Copyright Claims Board (CCB): A New Forum for Copyright Disputes

The guide explains the new forum for copyright disputes, how to identify a notice, the proceeding processes, and actions the WashU community can take.

If you live in Missouri, then a genuine CCB claim notice is required to be “served” to you either in-person (i.e., handed to you) or by U.S. mail. If you have received only an email, you should be wary of its contents because email is not considered valid “service of process.”

A genuine CCB case notice will include:

  •     the parties’ names
  •     a docket number
  •     names and mailing addresses of all claimants
  •     the type of claim being asserted
  •     other information and the CCB and the proceeding.

The notice will also have a link to the CCB website where you can enter the docket number on your notice, view information about the particular claim filed against you, and take various actions.