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Finding a Job: Alumni

Finding Alumni using West Legal Directory

One of the easiest ways to find Alumni is to use the West Legal Directory (WLD) on Westlaw.

  • Looking within a single state, use that state’s WLD
    • In Key Search Terms field, enter: Washington-university
    • Run search
    • Narrow results by law school
    • Narrow list of results by practice area, location within the state, size of firm etc as desired.
  • Looking across multiple states, use West Legal Directory (and choose Advanced Search)
    • In Key Search Terms field, enter: Washington-university
    • You will need to add more search term before running search
      • If you know a practice area, add as generic and broad a way of searching that type of law as possible. Examples
        • Washington-university AND litigation (for someone interested in alumni working in civil litigation)
        • Washington-university AND family or divorce or custod! Or adopt! (for someone interested in alums doing family law)
      • If you know a geographic area,
        • Washington-university AND CT(cook OR King) (for alums in Chicago area or Seattle area)
        • Make sure you check the search bar: Westlaw automatically enters a proximity connector is none is specified.
    • You might also find it easier to run multiple searches in different states’ WLD
    • Whatever method you use, you will also need to use the Law School Filter to narrow your results to WashU.

Finding Alumni using Legal Compass

Another source to use to find alumni is Legal Compass:

  • WUSTL Key required 
  • On the blue search bar find and click on Search
  • Choose Lawyers and then use the Advanced Search
  • Select Data Item = Law School
  • Select Comparison = Start With
  • Search Term: Washington University
  • You can then narrow further using Filters on Left if desired.
  • Check Manage Columns to make sure you are getting the information you need
  • Export results to download a spreadsheet