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Boolean Logic/Using Terms and Connectors when Searching Online for Legal Documents

Segments and Fields

Documents are divided into segments or fields.  These segments/fields are searchable.  It allows you to perform a focused search.

  1. AUTHOR: to find articles by an author that you know.
  2. ATTORNEYS: to find cases litigated by your opposing attorney
  3. COURT: to limit your search to a particular court.
  4. DATE: to search before or after a particular date or within a date range
  5. TITLE: to find a document by its title
  6. NAME: to find a case by the name of a party
  7. DOCKET NUMBER: to find a case by the docket number
  8. JUDGE: to find decisions written by a particular judge

Elements of a Case

  1. Segments or Fields
    1. Case name:  Roe v. Wade
    2. Judges names
    3. Attorneys names
    4. Court name
    5. Docket Number
    6. Court/Reporter’s syllabus
    7. Opinion text – concurring and dissenting