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Mastering Federal Statutory Research

Mastering Statutory Research is a guide designed to demystify the world of statutes, providing readers with essential tools and knowledge needed to conduct effective legal research.

Access tools in a code


There are a variety of indexes available when you are researching.  Each index is unique in that different indexes will use different terms for the same idea. You may have to hunt for the term in the index and you may be referred to another term that is used in that index.

Laws acquire popular names as they make their way through Congress. Sometimes these names reflect the substance of the law.  Sometimes the name may acknowledge the sponsor of the law.  And sometimes the name is simply catchy.   There will be an index of laws listed by their popular names.


Provides a cross reference between session law cite (Public Law or Statutes at Large) to the code cite (USC, USCA or USCS).  Remember code means arrangement by subject.

The federal code also offers access to a Popular name table.