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OER | Open Educational Resources

Info hub with resources & support for teaching + learning with affordable course content and openly licensed, modifiable materials.

Evaluation Process

  • Content: Does this OER cover what you'd like your students to learn in the course?
  • Accessibility: Is the content and reading level at the right level for your students? Is it challenging enough? Is the level of technicality appropriate for your course?
  • Use: Is the license open? Can you share, reuse, and remix the content freely? For more information on copyright and licensing, check out the Creative Commons Licensing guide.
  • Quality: Is the OER peer reviewed? Can you read reviews from other instructors who teach courses like yours? Are errors corrected or noted?
  • Format: Does the material come in a format your students can access easily? Is special software required? Can the material be printed or purchased in print at a low cost?


Rubrics and Tools