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Research & Technology Workshops

Fall 2023 WINS Research Workshops – Introduction to the WashU Libraries

  • 10 Tops for Finding Print Books in the Libraries
    • Instructors: Theresa Mastrodonato and Clara McLeod
    • Description of Workshop: In this workshop, you will learn how to search and find print books in the WashU Libraries. The Libraries offer access to over 2 million print books, with more available through MOBIUS and Interlibrary Loan. Come to the workshop to learn more about how print books are a great resource for your research or to just read for fun!
  • Finding and Using E-Books
    • Instructor: Cheryl Holland
    • Description of Workshop: The Libraries contain millions of eBooks. eBooks provide 24/7 easy access for multiple simultaneous users. In this workshop participants will learn how to quickly find and effectively use eBooks on different platforms from different publishers.
  • So Many Databases, So Little Time: Efficient Searching for Academic Journal Articles
    • Instructor: Michael Schaefer
    • Description of Workshop: The WashU Libraries have access to over 1100 databases – how do I know which ones to use? This workshop will give you tips and tricks to picking and using the most useful databases for your research purposes. Our focus will be on academic journal article databases from EBSCO, ProQuest, JSTOR, Google Scholar, and Primo. 
  • This Barbie is a Primary Source
    • Instructor: AJ Robinson
    • Description of Workshop: Depending on your research question, your primary source could be anything! Whether it’s a memoir, photograph, newspaper article, dataset, etc, we’ll talk through the process of searching and identifying primary sources that are right, or at least Kenough, for your research.

Fall 2023 STAR Research Workshops

  • Citing Simplified Using Zotero
    • Instructors: Jenny Akins and Kris Helbling
    • Description of Workshop: This workshop will cover how to use Zotero to gather references, organize references, and generate formatted citations.
  • Intellectual Property 101: Copyright Infringement and Plagiarism
    • Instructor: Treasa Bane
    • Description of Workshop: In this workshop we'll explore the difference between copyright infringement and plagiarism, and why it matters for the works you create. You’ll come away understanding your rights to your own work and how to ethically navigate the works of others in and outside of academia. 
  • Tips for Optimizing your Use of APA, MLA, Chicago, or other Citation Formats
    • Instructors: Jenny Akins and Theresa Mastrodonato
    • Description of Workshop: In this workshop you will learn some tips for using some of the most common citation formats. Come away with practical ways to distinguish between a citation for a scholarly article and one for a book.
  • Zotero - Beyond the Basics
    • Instructors: Jenny Akins and Kris Helbling
    • Description of Workshop: This workshop will build on the information learned in "Citing Simplified Using Zotero" to take your use of Zotero to the next level.