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Newspapers and eJournal Articles: Never Pay $39.95 Again!

Research & Tech Workshops - Spring 2021 - Triumph Over Paywalls


Interlibrary Loan

Beginning from Web Searching - eJournal Sites, Google Scholar


Landing pages for articles and journals can be tricky. Images like the ones below may look familiar:


1. Table of Contents for boundary 2, Vol. 48. Issue 1


2. Article from boundary 2, Vol. 48. Issue 1


3. Seeing the information below on an article's abstract page could easily encourage you to (fruitlessly) enter your university logon--or worse--pay $41.50.


Best Bet - Begin at the eJournal & eBook Search Box

Once Again...Best Bet - Begin at the eJournal & eBook Search Box


Login Through the Libraries

WU Libraries is the actual subscriber; therefore, you need to let the journals know you are using the Libraries' subscription. There are a couple of ways to do this:

Proxy Server

When you are searching from off-campus, "Proxy Server" essentially allows you to use resources that are restricted to use on computers with campus IP addresses. Since the eJournals are subscription access, logging on through this portal lets the publishers know you are a legitimate user of the WU Libraries subscription. Once logged in, you should not have to login again for the rest of your searching session (or until you turn off your computer or close your browser).  
You'll know you are 'proxied' when you see '' in the first part of the URL in your browser's address bar.
If you type in a new URL in the browser’s address box you will leave the proxy service.


Login and learn more about the proxy server here.



Need help with your WUSTL Key or password? Click here for more info

Starting from a Libraries' Database


If you begin from a library database, these are probably your most common problems: