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Newspapers and eJournal Articles: Never Pay $39.95 Again!

Research & Tech Workshops - Spring 2021 - Triumph Over Paywalls

Nexis & Factiva Tips


  • Both Nexis Uni and Factiva contain many news sources with up-to-present coverage
  • These provide access to many publications we may not otherwise be able to fund


  • Both databases can be tricky to search
  • Articles in both databases are HTML only and do not include images, graphs, charts, etc. that may have appeared in original article


  • Begin a title search through the eJournal list on the library homepage rather than from the A-Z Database list. In the case of Nexis Uni, this will pre-limit your search to that specific publication, which is helpful.
  • Try the "News Pages" feature in Factiva to see front page news from recent publications of several key newspapers

Recent Newspapers - Collections

The collections below...


International Newspaper Collection

Includes US publications as well and some magazines.

Best Bet for finding online coverage: Begin with the eJournal & eBook Search Box