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St. Louis and the Environment ENST 122

Resources for the Community Highlights Assignment

General Resources

Data Sources

Spring 2024 Community Highlight Resources

Below are some starting places for researching the history, geography, and environment of the St. Louis area

Benton Park

Additional Keywords to search: Chatillon-DeMenil Mansion, Lemp Brewery

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Cahokia Heights, IL

Alternate keywords: Centreville, Alorton, village of Cahokia, St. Clair County


Alternate Keywords: St. Louis County; Airport expansion; buyout 

(Note: before the 1940s the St. Louis airport was called Kinloch Field, or Kinloch Park.  Also one of the two telephone companies in St. Louis was called Kinloch.  Keep these in mind when searching historic sources)

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Mill Creek Valley

Alternate keywords: St. Louis City, Laclede Town, Choteau’s Pond

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Spanish Lake / Columbia Bottoms

Related Keywords: Riverview panhandle, St. Louis County

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