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Using R to analyze your data

A quick guide to get you up, running, and computing with the statistical software R.

Downloading and Installing R + R Studio on your own machine

Install R and RStudio

The R programming language should be installed first.  To find the version of R appropriate for your computer, go to The Comprehensive R Archive (CRAN) page and select the option for your operating system.

After installing R on your machine, you will likely want to install RStudio.

RStudio provides a very convenient interface (integrated development environment or IDE) for working with R. Download the installer that matches your operating system from the RStudio website. (Most users will be fine with the free version "RStudio Desktop Open Source license".  Features of this and other editions are listed to help you choose.)

Newer packages are created with newer versions of R, so if your version is over four months old, consider checking for an updated version of R.

Follow along with the video below to install R and RStudio.