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A Guide to English and American Literature

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Audio Cassettes (American)


Call # Author (spealer)/ Title
PS3551 C44 A6 1980 Acker, Kathy reads from her early novel Blood and guts in high school and talks about nihilism, plagiarism and rock and roll
PS3551 I2 N68 1981 Ai, Nothing but color
PS3551 N27 Z6 1982 Anaya, Rudolfo-- interview with Kay Bonetti
PS3501 S475 A6 1994 Ashbery, John reads,  introduced by David Lehman.
PS3501 S475 A8625 1991 Ashbery, John, April galleons
PS3503 A5525 Z52 1984 Baldwin, James interview with Kay Bonetti
PS3503 A5525 J87 1984 Baldwin, James reads from Just above my head
PS3552 A473 Z477 1982 Bambara, Toni Cade  interview with Kay Bonetti
PS3552 A473 O74 1982 Bambara, Toni Cade  reads The organizer's wife [from The seabirds are still alive, and the preface to Gorilla my love]
PS3552 A49 A6 1990 Banks, Russell reads from his novel Affliction, and talks about working class heroes
PS3552 A769 Z6 1978 Barthelme, Donald-- Interviewer, Stephen Banker
PS3552 E177 Z6 1987 Beattie, Ann interview with Kay Bonetti
PS3503 E465 B45 1990 Bellow, Saul reads from The bellarosa connection, and talks about memory and the assimilation of the Jews in America
PS3552.L9 A6 1991 Bly, Robert-- Selected poems
PS3503 O195 A6 1990z Bogan, Louise reads  introduced by John Hall Wheelock
PS3503 O9357 Z6 1985 Boyle, Kay interview with Kay Bonetti
PS3552 O932 I5 1990 Boyle, T. Coraghessan, If the river was whiskey
  Brooks,  Gwendolyn--  introduced by Jane Flanders
PS3553.A662 A6 1983 Carver, Raymond  reads Nobody said anything, A serious talk, and Fat
PS3553.A662 Z52 1983 Carver, Raymond interview with Kay Bonetti
PS3553 L23 A6 1990z Clampitt, Amy-- introduced by Seamus Heaney
PS3553 L45 A6 1990z Clifton, Lucille-- introduced by Jane Flanders
PS3509.D583 P47 1979 Edson, Russell, A performance at Hog Theatre
PS3509.L43 F6 1988 Eliot, T. S. Four quartets
PS3509 L43 A6 1988 Eliot, T. S. reading The wasteland and other poems
PS3555 L44 Z6 1981 Elkin, Stanley  interview with Lyn Ballard
PS3555 L44 L52 1981 Elkin, Stanley  reads The living end ( Conventional wisdom  section)
PS3556 O68 O9 1982 Forche, Carolyn-- Ourselves or nothing
PS3556 O68 A6 1994 Forche, Carolyn-- reads selected poems
PS3556 O713 Z6 1986 Ford, Richard interview with Kay Bonetti
PS3556 O713 A6 1986 Ford, Richard reads The sportswriter (first chapter)   Richard Ford reads  Rock Springs  (short story)
PS3557 A712 Z467 1978 Gardner, John-- radio interview
PS3557 A712 Z468 1978 Gardner, John-- Stephen Banker interviews
PS3557 L8 A6 1992 Gluck, Louise-- introduced by Thomas Lux
PS663.N4 G74 1991 Great black speeches, Performed by Claudia McNeill and Norman Matlock.
Four speeches first written and delivered in the 19th century by famous black Americans (Frances Maria Stewart,  Henry Highland Garnet, Frederick Douglass,  Booker T. Washington)
PS3515 A9258 A6 1976 Hayden, Robert reads,  introduced by William Meredith
PS3558 E28 A6 1991 Hecht, Anthony reads --  introduced by J.D. McClatchy
PS3515 E343 Z468 1969 Hellman, Lillian, Interview with Lillian Hellman
PS3515 O2416 A6 1980z Hoffman, Daniel, Intro by Richard Howard
PS3515 O3485 A6 1992 Hollander, John, Intro by introduced by Richard Howard
PS3515 O845 A6 1994 Howard, Richard, Intro by John Hollander
PS3515 U274 A6 1969 Hughes, Langston reads and talks about his poems
PS3519 A86 A6 1990z Jarrell,Randall  Intro by Robert Lowell
PS3560 O73 F67 1980 Jordan, June For somebody to start singing
PS3560 O73 L5 1991 Jordan, June Living room, poems read by the author
PS3519.U825 A6 1982 Justice, Donald, Intro by John Irving
PS3521 A32 W3 1979 Kalman, Chester, Wanderer
PS3521.I582 A6 1980 Kinnell, Galway, introduced by Allen Planz.
PS3521 I9 A6 1995 Kizer, Carolyn and David Wagoner/ introduced by Stanley Kunitz
PS3561.O455 A6 1993 Komunyakaa, Yusef  --  introduced by Toi Derricotte. Sharon Olds : introduced by Toi Derricotte.
PS3521 U638 A6 1990z Kumin, Maxine reads,  introduced by Jane Shore.
PS3521 U7 A6 1991 Kunitz, Stanley reads, introduced by Galway Kinnell.
PS648 D4 L38 1990 Last laughs,  The most dangerous man / Edward D. Hoch -- Dogbane / Frank Sisk --Grief counselor / Julie Smith -- You drive, dear / Fred S. Tobey -- Light Fingers / Henry Slesar -- House of crime / Vincent McConnor -- Kindly dig your grave / Stanley Ellin -- I do not like thee, Dr. Feldman / Henry Slesar --Sidney, Seth, and S.A.M / Charles R. McConnell
PS3562 E35438 R6825 1991 Lee, Li-Young reads Rose
PS3562 E9 A6 1991 Levine, Philip poems
PS3562 O73 S48 1985 Lorde, Audre reads Shorelines
PS3525 A46 A6 1981 Mailer, Norman-- reads Miami and the Siege of Chicago, An American dream, and Armies of the night
PS3563 A763 Z52 1984 Marshall, Paule interview with Kay Bonetti
PS3563 A763 A6 1984 Marshall, Paule reads from Browngirl, brownstones, The chosen place, the timeless people, and Praisesong for the widow
PS3563 A7877 Z6 1985 Mason, Bobbie Ann  interview with Kay Bonetti
PS3563.A855 A6 Matthews, William introduced by Brooks Haxton
PS3563 A8584 Z6 1987 Matthiessen, Peter  interview with Kay Bonetti
PS3563.A2862 A6 1992 McHugh, Heather  introduced by Robert Pinsky
PS3525 E588 A6 1980z Meredith, William reads / introduced by June Jordan.
PS3525 E719 A6 1990z Merwin, W. S. reads / introduced by Robert Lowell.
PS3563 I825 Z5 1994 Mitchell, Waddie-- A chat with Waddie
PS3563.O8749 J382 1992 Morrison, Toni -- Jazz, abridged read by the author
PS3563.O8749 J382 1992 Morrison, Toni -- Jazz, abridged read by the author
PS3563 O8749 T371 1983 Morrison, Toni  reads three excerpts from Tar baby
PS3563.O8749 Z52 1983 Morrison, Toni interview with Kay Bonetti
PS3563.O8749 Z52 1983 Morrison, Toni interview with Kay Bonetti
PS3564 A895 Z6 1988 Naylor, Gloria interview with Kay Bonetti
PS551 .N48 1995 New southerners,  Shannon Ravenel & Susan Ketchin -- Allan Gurganus -- Larry Brown -- Tim McLaurin -- Lee Smith -- Clyde Edgerton -- Jill McCorkle -- Dori Sanders -- Kaye Gibbons -- Tina McElroy Ansa -- Randall Kenan -- Brent Wade -- Josephine Humphreys -- Robert Olen Butle
PS3565 L34 C65 1985 Olds, Sharon Coming back to life
PS3565 L834 Z64 1981 Olsen, Tillie interview with Kay Bonetti
PS3565 L834 T55 1986 Olsen, Tillie reads  I stand here ironing  (short story), and excerpts from Yonnondio and  Oh yes 
PS3565 Z5 Z6 1986 Ozick, Cynthia interview with Kay Bonetti
PS3566 A434 Z6 1986 Paley, Grace interview with Kay Bonetti
PS3566 A434 C6 1986 Paley, Grace reads  A conversation with my father  and  Friends 
PS3566 A434 C6 1986 Paley, Grace reads  A conversation with my father  and  Friends 
PS3566 A434 L525 1979 Paley, Grace reads from The little disturbances of man   Grace Paley reads from Enormous changes at the last minute
PS3531.E635 Z624 1989 Percy, Walker a bibliography, 1930-1984 :
PS3566 I54 H5 1991 Pinsky, Robert History of my heart
PS324 C68 1968 Poets, Saturday night
PS3568 E3448 Z6 1989 Reed, Ishmael  Host and interviewer, Rebekah Presson
PS3535 I35 D37 1995b Rich, Adrienne -- Dark fields of the Republic
PS3573.R52 A6 1997 Rich, Adrienne / introduced by Marilyn Hacker
PS3568 O3125 Z47 1989 Robinson, Marilynne  interview with Kay Bonetti
PS3569 A63 P872 1996 Sapphire, Push abridged, read by the author
PS3537 A832 Z523 1982 Sarton, May-- interview with Kay Bonetti
PS3537.A832 A821 1982 Sarton, May reads excerpts from As we are now and Journal of a solitude
PS3569 H3324 I2 1984 Shange, Ntozake I live in music
PS3569 H3324 Z6 1989 Shange, Ntozake interview with Kay Bonetti
PS3569 H3324 A6 1989 Shange, Ntozake, Beneath the necessity of talking 
PS3569.I54 A6 1974 Simic, Charles introduced by Theodore Wilentz
PS3537 I85 P4 1964 Sinclair, Upton-- A pen to change America
PS3569 M5163 B44 1995b Smith, Charlie, Before and after
PS3537 T143 A6 1974 Stafford, William--  introduced by Frederick Morgan
PS3537 T323 A6 1989 Stein, Gertrude reads from her works
PS3537.T4753 A6 1998 Stevens, Wallace  reads
PS3569 T65 Z6 1982 Stone, Robert interview with Kay Bonetti
PS3569 T65 A6 1982 Stone, Robert reads  Aquarius obscured  (short story) and A flag for sunrise (excerpts)
PS3569 T69 A6 1990z Strand, Mark  introduced by Gregory Orr
PS615 N6 1979 The Nova Convention,  v. 1. Terry Southern (1:25) -- William S. Burroughs (5:52) -- John Giorno (13:30) -- Patti Smith (11:45) -- William S. Burroughs (3:40) -- Philip Glass (3:04) -- Brion Gysin (7:06) -- Frank Zappa (5:25) -- William S. Burroughs (13:27) -- v. 2. William S. Burroughs (2:35) -- John Cage (14:15) -- Anne Waldman (14:15) -- Laurie Anderson & Julia Heyward (12:50) -- Allen Ginsberg --Peter Orlovsky (13:00) -- 
PS379 W74 1984 The Writer in our world Features Gloria Emerson, Leslie Epstein, Carolyn Forché, Ward Just, Grace Paley, Mary Lee Settle, Robert Stone, and Derek Walcott
PS3521 I9 A6 1995 Wagoner, David and Carolyn Kizer / introduced by Stanley Kunitz
PS3573.A428 Z52 1981 Walker Alice interview with Kay Bonetti
PS3573 A428 N56 1981 Walker, Alice reads Nineteen fifty-five
PS3545.A748 A6 1977 Warren, Robert Penn reads / introduced by Stanley Kunitz.
PS3545.E4735 F7625 1991 Weiss, Theodore-- From Princeton one autumn aftermoon
PS3545 E6 O6 1986 Welty, Eudora-- The optimist's daughter
PS3573 H463 Z6 1989 White, Edmund interview with Kay Bonetti
PS3573 H463 E4 1989 White, Edmund reads Nocturnes for the king of Naples (chapter eight) and A boy's own story (excerpt)   Edmund White reads The beautiful room is empty (chapter two)
PS3204 A6 1992 Whitman, Walt audio materials
PS3573 I39 Z6 1985 Wideman, John Edgar  interview with Kay Bonetti
PS3545 I32165 A6 1990z Wilbur, Richard reads / introduced by James Merrill.
PS3545.I345 O92 2000 Wilder, Thornton -- Our town ( Adapted for radio)
PS3573 I4483 T36 1985 Williams, Charles Kenneth, Tar and other poems
PS3573 O558 Z6 1985 Wolff, Tobias interview with Kay Bonetti
PS3573.R52 A6 1997 Wright, Charles / introduced by Philip Levine
PS3545 R813 A6 1990z Wright, James reads  / introduced by Mark Strand.
PS3547 O55 Z6 1983 Young, Marguerite  interview with Kay Bonetti
PS3547 O55 M525 1983 Young, Marguerite  reads from Miss MacIntosh, my darling