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The Graphic Novel and the Jewish Experience

This seminar will examine the graphic novel in the context of global Jewish culture of the last half century.

The Kiss -Spiegelman

On February 15, 1993, just after Spiegelman joined The New Yorker, his first cover for the magazine was published. To commemorate Valentine’s Day, he depicted an Orthodox Jewish man and an African-American woman kissing. It appeared “in the wake” of the Crown Heights riots in Brooklyn, and the “scars” of the racial tensions between Hasidic Jews and African-Americans “were still fresh in New York,” he recalled. “My intention was to represent the two communities as kissing and making up.” It proved to be a bit early for that; the cover sparked protests from both the black and Hasidic communities. -   Art Talk - UPenn Gazette, 2006



Graffic Details

Check out "Confessional Comics by Jewish Women," a  traveling exhibit of 18 Graphic Artists.  Here is a link to biographical and bibliographical information on each women artist.


Ilana Zeffren 

Jews and the Graphic Novel

This web guide provides additional information about both the texts and the authors you are studying - as well as links to websites of Jewish graphic artists and their works that you are not studying. Enjoy - Deborah Katz, Jewish Studies Librarian