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The Graphic Novel and the Jewish Experience

This seminar will examine the graphic novel in the context of global Jewish culture of the last half century.

The Comic Torah

"Judaism is the world's most obsessive-complusive book club. Every week, religous Jews read a portion or "parsha" of the Hebrew Bible, so that at the end of a year we've read the whole thing. Then we start all over again. Every week we create a cartoon based on that week's Torah portion. " - - Aaron Freeman & Sharon Rosenzweig

Rutu Modan

This is the story of Rutu's grandmother "The Most Popular Girl in Warsaw." - Modan's blog in the NYTimes July 3, 2007

Rutu Modan 'Exit Wounds' Interview

Interview with the Isreali comic artist Rutu Modan about her graphic novel Exit Wounds and what it means to be an Israeli graphic artist.

Links to graphic works of additional graphic artists


      Miriam Katin               Harvey Pekar The Quitter

Vanessa Davis

"Have Jews always been characterized as being "neurotic'? It seems like a relatively recent designation."  - Jitters

How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less