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Philosophy of Art/Aesthetics 339

Boys Eating Melon and Grapes

"Boys Eating Melon and Grapes" Murillo, Bartolomé Esteban, 1617-1682. c.1650. Museo del Prado. ARTstor Slide Gallery. Source: University of California, San Diego See Hegel Lectures 170

Seven- Up & Dove Soap Ads

These are just two out of thousands of ads from the digitized collections of Duke University Libraries.


ArtStor & AP Images, & Duke University Ad Collection, & CAMIO & Luna

Search  these image databases below for artworks discussed in the readings and class. Search by creator of the work and add title in original language or by key words in English.

"Bombs Away" Associated Press Images

"Bombs Way" #421025018 AP Images

Two-year old James Dean Strachman appears to ride a 500-lb., 12-inch projectile in Galveston, Tex., Oct. 25, 1942. The historic cannon shell was used by Admiral Dewey's fleet in the victorious battle of Manila in 1898. The shell was donated to the salvage drive by the Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railway. (AP Photo)