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General Collections Care for Users

This guide gives users some guidelines on the care and handling of library materials in the general collections.

DO NOT Try to Fix Library Materials at Home

If you damage a book in some way, or discover a torn or broken page in a book you have borrowed, do not repair it yourself with tape or anything else. Never use  household materials to repair a library book. You will cause even more damage.

This type of repair damages text. If removed, the print comes off with it.

Never use duct tape!!

Torn and Loose Pages

Do not try to fix such damage as shown below. If the page is torn show Circulation staff the damage when you return the item. The Preservation Unit can usually mend these paper tears properly using an ultrathin, non-acidic transparent paper.



If the page has come out or broken off (such as can happen with brittle materials) save the page and show it to Circulation staff when the book is returned.



Brittle materials may need to go in a conservation box or enclosure.