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College Writing Information Literacy Toolkit

This Toolkit helps faculty and librarians navigate the College Writing Course relationship.

Framework for Implementation

CW + Librarian Partnership
  • Each CW section is assigned a Librarian.

  • This partnership works best when the instructor and librarian work closely over the course of the semester and meet early to discuss roles, expectations, and learning outcomes for the semester. 

  • The librarians appreciate when the instructor is present and engaged in the instruction session. Students accept the librarian as an authority when the instructor participates and engages with the librarian in their session. 

  • The Librarian visits the class several times throughout the semester. It is recommended that the Librarian visit at least three times (see Assessment Evidence).

Ways to Incorporate Your Librarian into Your Course

We can do so much more than just demonstrate how to use our databases! 

  • Include library resources in your syllabus and assignments

  • Scaffold information literacy concepts into assignments throughout the semester

  • Invite the librarian to talk about concepts such as scholarship as a conversation, authority in research, finding relevant and credible information, synthesizing sources, and so on. 

  • Co-teach sessions with your librarian

Helpful Resources

Face to Face and Online Instruction Spaces

Librarians can teach classes either in Olin Library or in your classroom. Olin Library has three instruction spaces that serve a variety of pedagogical needs and purposes. For more information about these rooms as well as usage policies see the Instruction Rooms page on the Library's website. 

Instruction Room 1: active learning space with 16 tables, collaborative software for sharing student and instructor laptop screens, and two large monitors for sharing content. 

Instruction Room 2: traditional lab set up; divisible room - side a has 14 computers/seats; side b has 12. Projector capabilities available in both rooms. 

Instruction Room 3: flexible learning space; tables as well as movable desks; set up for 38. Large monitor with collaborative software for group content sharing. 

Adding a Librarian to your course in Canvas is easy with these step-by-step instructions from Canvas Community. Use the link below to check out the instructions:

For more information about the transition to Canvas as well as additional resources, see the Hello, Canvas! website at

Research on Collaborating with Librarians