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Integrating the Library into Canvas

A guide for helping faculty and instructors integrate library resources and librarians into a Canvas Course.

Integrating the Library to Your Course

Add a library liaison to your course in order to:

  • answer questions
  • add modules, quizzes, or assignments
  • create and link to a course research guide 
  • help your students complete an assignment
  • facilitate or participate in a discussion

You can also,

  • Post an announcement for your upcoming library session
  • Post your librarian's contact information
  • Add external tools to improve functionality of the Library in your course

Directions for Adding a Librarian to your Course

All Canvas course roles, except Observer and Guest, flow from WashU Course Listings (WUCRSL) to Canvas. To request the addition of a librarian to your course, contact your school registrar to update your course in WUCRSL. The Librarian's role in Canvas is "Support No GB". Refer to the School Registrar Contact List as needed. 

Support, No Grade Book

Users with this role can:

  • see course content
  • participate in Discussion Boards
  • add content such as research guides or modules
  • cannot see/access student grades

Librarians can be added to courses only with consent of the instructor. After the instructor and librarian agree on the type of interaction the librarian will have with the class, the instructor can enroll the librarian in the site from the People button in the course navigation menu, or by contacting their  Canvas administrator. 

Portions of this guide are drawn from the Integrating Library Content in Canvas at Mizzou.