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Integrating the Library into Canvas

A guide for helping faculty and instructors integrate library resources and librarians into a Canvas Course.


1. Find your Article in an Ebsco database, such as Academic Search Complete. 


2. Once you've opened up the article record, locate the Permalink Button on the right side of the screen.


3. Once you click the Permalink Button, highlight, copy, and paste the link into your course. 

4. Follow the instructions in the Integrating Library Resources into Your Course Tab to copy the link into your content. EBSCO includes the proxy prefix in the URL, so you can simply copy and paste the complete URL into Canvas.  


1. Find your article on JSTOR. Click the title link to see the article details.


2. Highlight the link in the location as shown. This is the stable link. Copy this link to your clipboard.


3. Follow the instructions in the Integrating Library Resources into Your Course page to copy the link into your content. The link should be in the following format: where the XXXX is the stable link that you copied from JSTOR.