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Integrating the Library into Canvas

A guide for helping faculty and instructors integrate library resources and librarians into a Canvas Course.

Course Reserve Alternative

We recommend directly linking to Library resources. You can link directly to articles from University Libraries databases from your Canvas site via the permalink for a source.

In order for the link to work for students who are off-campus, remember to include the proxy in the link: where the XXXX is the stable link that you copied from. Some databases, like those from EBSCO may already include the proxied link, while others from JSTOR will not. 

The instructions for creating a permalink for articles in commonly used databases such as EBSCO owned databases and JSTOR, as well as creating a link using a DOI are located on the Linking Directly to Articles and Databases page in this guide. The box for creating proxy links is below. 

Contact your subject librarian if you have any questions.

Directing Links Through the Proxy Server

Use this Link Generator to create 'proxied' links for linking to electronic resources (perfect for Ares and Canvas!)

  • You do not need to do this for freely available sites (such as Google) or links that already begin with
  • Do use this tool if you have addresses such as (it will fix them for you)
  • This tool requires javascript enabled in your browser to work.

1. Copy and paste your source URL here:

2. Click this:

3. Copy and use the resulting link

NOTE: Only sites which have been registered in the proxy server can be successfully referred through it. If you get the 'Problem with Proxy Server' page, fill in your email address and Submit. We'll investigate, and see if we can get it to work, and contact you.