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Student Protest at Washington University

Black Student Protests at Other Universities

Student activism and protest are each inextricably linked to institutions of high education. There are countless examples of students protesting to spur political or social change at hundreds of colleges and universities. Oftentimes, incidences of student protest have gone on to become catalysts for wider political or social change. Student protests have come in a variety of forms including sit-ins or occupations of university facilities. During the Civil Rights Movement, college students were very influential. In fact, the sit-ins that were so common during the Civil Rights Movements were popularized by students at Shaw University who were members of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. 

Florida A&M University Students protesting the arrest of 23 students who were arrested for participating in sit-ins at area lunch counters. 
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21st Century Black Student Protests


Often when someone thinks of the Black Student Movement, they reference the sixties and the early seventies of the twentieth century. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the middle of the 20th century was not the only time that Black students came together to combat oppressive forces of institutions and the American nation.  Following the Civil Rights Movement, many students used this history as a foundation and an example to base movements and protests off of.  Looking to their predecessors, students at across the nation have stood together in the 21st century. This section will serve as an example of contemporary Black Student Movements. 

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Interestingly and often not thought about is the performance of Black Lives Matter by students on campuses across the nation in the 21st century.  Protest songs go as far back as the trans-atlantic slave trade with regards to African American protest in the and on the way to the United States.  An article highlighting a conference in which experimental music as protest can be found here: 

Elizabeth, Jordannah. "Black Experimental Artists Shine at Harvard BLM Conference." New York Amsterdam News, vol. 108, no.7, 26 Feb. 2017, pp. 24-26. 



Below are Works crucial to discourse on 21st century Black Student Movements. 

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