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The Research Studio

this is service is a service from Washington University Libraries to provide remote access to specialized software.

Resources Provided

Research Studio

The Research Studio in Olin Library (Level A, Room A06) is equipped with collaborative workstations where students can access specialized software and work on analysis projects. This space is designed to enable individual or group work and priority is given to students who are actively working with the applications listed below.

Users should be aware that these systems reboot daily at 5 am and any personal files will be lost.  Store your working files between sessions in a remote location (i.e. Box or other network drive).

Remote Access

While the Research Studio is open during library hours, Olin Library continues to offer remote access to Research Studio computers so that students can login to utilize specialized software.


Users are required to:

  • be an current WashU student, faculty, or staff member

  • have an active WUSTL Key account

  • create a reservation in our system

  • accept the Remote Access Agreement

  • sign into the campus VPN


For information on remote access to the Research Studio machines, see the Remote Access Guide.