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Pre-Med & Pre-Engin Project Tips - Summer Programs

Tips for participants in WashU Summer Experiences

Book tips

Journal articles in medicine are often very specific.  You will occasionally find a nice overview among "review articles" which is an article/content type in many article databases.  But I recommend you include books especially for your individual disease presentations.  Most book content will have excellent suggestions for further reading in the References/Bibliography sections.

Also seek books and ebooks in our catalog, MOBIUS catalog and Becker Medical Library catalog.  But the online databases below contain fulltext of the most recent editions of many of the standard texts so I recommend you try them first.

More search tips

Summer Programs Research Guide has a nice beginning list of sources to Find Articles. It's a small selection out of hundreds of search tools we have. Remember to ask for more suggestions.

Searching for media, such as pictures, charts, or videos? There is a lot of great information on the internet but there are also mistakes, lies, and other inaccuracies. I would probably use Google Images, Wikimedia, and general search engines. But choose critically!  Here are two sources where results are more likely to be trustworthy.

Research guides which you may find useful in your projects.

Pre-Engineering Project Tips and Resources

Tip: Finding more when you have one great article

  • Review the bibliography or references list at the end of that great book chapter or article.  When you find a citation at the end of a book chapter or journal article you won't have Get it! buttons.  Citation Linker is one tool to help you locate a citation by creating your own Get it! button. (Often there are links to references if you are reading online but if you are reading from paper you will need to locate the cited reference another way.)
  • Look at how the great article is indexed - subject headings, keywords, MeSH headings, etc.
  • Consult articles that have cited the great articles - see Citation tools below
  • Use "related article" or "more like this" features of various databases to get more