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American Holidays & Culture

A guide to locating archival sources about American holidays, celebrations, and customs

Researching Holidays

This page is an overview of primary sources available at University Archives and Modern Graphic History Library about American festivals, celebrations, and holidays, with an emphasis on St. Louis, and WU events. Secondary sources are also avaialble from the WU Libraries.

Primary Sources - Campus Holidays

May Fete, St. Fatima's Day & St. Patrick's Day

  • Volkman Files (not online), Box 07, May Day / May Fete programs and clippings (1911-1943, non-consecutive)
Greeting Cards & Parties
WU Anniversaries

Primary Sources - St. Louis Holiday Celebrations

Christmas (post WW-II)

4th of July
19th Century Fairs
Gay Pride Parades

Diaries & Journals

Examine how holidays or events are chronicled by an individual in their personal notes:

Online Primary Sources