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Sources of Law and Types of Authority: Executive

Comprised Of:

  • President (White House Administration)
  • Administrative Agencies
  • Independent Establishments & Government Corporations
  • Boards, Commissions, and Committees

President/White House

  • Signs/Vetoes Enacted Bills
  • Issues Executive Orders
  • Appoints Administative Officials

Administrative Agencies

  • Can be viewed as mini-governments in a specific area
    • Includes all three functions: Executive, Legislative and Judicial
      • Example: INS in the Dept. Homeland Security Does the Following
        • Issues Rules and Regulations (Legislative)
        • Holds Hearings/Issues Decisions on Alien Deportation (Judicial)
        • Enforces Rules and Regulations (Executive/Administrative)

Administrative Documents

Rules and Regulations

  • Initially published in the Federal Register
    • Daily Publication during week
  • Codified (i.e. Arranged by Subject) in the Code of Federal Regulations

Federal Register

Cover of a Federal Register Issue

Cover of the Code of Federal Regulations- Vol.14