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Working with Scalar for Digital Projects

This is a short introductory guide to using the Scalar publishing platform.


Widgets enable you to add maps, timelines, visualizations, click-through media galleries, and stylish summaries of related content to Scalar pages using the same formatting options as with media. You can add each of these interactive components anywhere on a page; above, below or within any paragraph. You can also choose to link a widget to text in the main body, that is, to reference a map or timeline the same way one would reference an image or video in Scalar.

When attempting to create a widget, check that all the necessary fields are satisfied. If the User’s Guide says a widget requires a thumbnail, check that the item has a thumbnail set under the “Styling” tab on the Page Editor. If a widget is not working as expected, it is likely because something has been left blank.


With Scalar, you can create interactive annotations for images and videos in addition to annotations for plain text.


The look of your book can be changed with CSS customizations. More information is in Scalar's guide under "Customizing look and feel with CSS."

CSS can be customized under "Styling" in the Dashboard for the entire project or at the page level.

Custom CSS box on the Dashboard styling page.

Site level Custom CSS box (above) and page level Custom CSS styling (below)

styling options at the page level for CSS customizations