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LibGuide for L90 AFAS 409 - "Gender, Sexuality, and Change in Africa"

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Title: Helping the girl child realise her educational potential

Newspaper: The Nation (Nigeria)

Date: March 1, 2022 Tuesday

Length: 2216 words

Body: Education is generally agreed to be a weapon that unlocks the innate potential of every individual. However, this truism may not hold good for the Nigerian girl child whose access to education still remains limited. GRACE OBIKE takes a look at efforts to enhance the education of the girl child…

Title: Are we over-raising the girl child?

Newspaper: The Sun (Nigeria)

Date: March 28, 2022 Monday

Length: 1141 words

Byline: Rapheal

Body: That is, are we paying too much attention to grooming our daughters? Do their brothers endure this much searchlight? The fact being they don't, is that the reason most of them turn out so bad? Specifically, for our little girls, should we insist on books or friends?

My perspective is different. It has always been. Daughter, Winnie, has thankfully gone on to prove me right and correct. Don't worry, you shall soon get the full picture of the gist…

Title: EKOEXCEL Hails Women, Girls In Science

Newspaper: Daily Independent (Nigeria)

Date: February 10, 2022 Thursday

Length: 686 words

Byline: Victoria Ojugbana

LAGOS - Female beneficiaries of EKOEXCEL, an initiative to transform public education using innovative technology, have hailed the power of science and affirmed their interests in becoming scientists. The pupils spoke as the world marks the 2022 International Day of Women and Girls in Science today (February 11).

This year's International Day of Women and Girls in Science first marked in 2015, is themed: "Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Water Unites Us," in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Six of ensuring access to water and sanitation for all.

Speaking about their love for science, the pupils all hailed its transformational impacts and benefits to humanity. . .

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DATE: In the last 5 years

Results: 1,826

Sample Articles:

HEADLINE: Nigeria’s Education in Crisis, UNICEF Laments

WC    902 words

PD     25 January 2022

SN     Nigerian Tribune

HEADLINE: ‘My perception of the girl child in Nigeria is one of a struggling plant trying to take Root’

AU    Maria Diamond

BY    Maria Diamond

WC    1758 words

PD     21 August 2021

SN     The Guardian (Nigeria)

HEADLINE: Girls For Girls: Boosting Girls’ Education By Teamwork

AU    Victor Balogun

BY    By Victor Balogun

WC    1073 words

PD     21 November 2020

TD:  The Girls for Girls strate­gy fondly tagged G4G is an initiative of the third Phase of the Girls’ Education Project (GEP-3) being imple­mented in northern Nigeria through a collaboration be­tween UNICEF, UBEC, FME and NMEC with funding from the United Kingdom Department for Internation­al Development (DFID). The goal of GEP-3 is to support the Government of Nigeria to expand access to one mil­lion girls in northern States where a large number of girls are out of school. The project currently covers the 5 States in the North of Ni­geria viz. Bauchi, Katsina, Niger, Sokoto and Zamfara, with the highest proportion of out of school girls.

HEADLINE: ‘62 per cent of Nigeria’s out-of-school children are girls’

AU Iyabo Lawal

WC    471 words

PD     17 October 2019

SN     The Guardian (Nigeria)

According to data obtained from the Federal Ministry of Education, Sokoto, Katsina and Akwa Ibom are the three leading states with the highest prevalence of out-of-school girls.