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ELit 3571 - Global Poetics

Prof. Adwetewa-Badu


Search Books and Articles Simultaneously

What is PRIMO and when should I use it?

Primo contains all of Washington University Libraries’ holdings, including books, journals, periodicals, and multimedia. The default search also shows results from a large index comprising billions of records for popular and scholarly articles, as well as other materials.

You can limit your search criteria in a variety of ways, both before and after obtaining results.

Practically everything the library has access to, including the records in other subject databases, is discoverable via Primo. If you have a general or multi-disciplinary topic that you are starting to research, or if you are tracking down a specific citation for a known item, Primo is a great place to start.

However, subject databases with a refined scope may still offer you a more robust way of setting your search criteria. If you are wanting to search by chemical reactant, industry classification code, docket number, age of experimental subjects, and so on, for example, one of our subject databases is a better place to start your search.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Known Issues

Missing Catalog Information

Newer records from the Classic Catalog are not currently displaying accurate holdings information (such as the call number and library location). As a workaround, if you encounter such a record, you can obtain this data by following the "Check holdings" link.

Other information from catalog records may also be missing from Primo. This includes the ISBN for newer records. To reliably search for a book by ISBN, use the Classic Catalog.

We are looking into these issues.

Linking Problems

Our linking system does not work perfectly. You may find a link in Primo that does not actually lead to the full-text of your item, and other materials which we have access to may be missing links.

Please let us know about any linking problems you encounter by completing the Report a Problem with an eJournal, eBook, or other eResource form.

The Fixing Linking Errors guide contains some tips for troubleshooting these errors on your own.

You can also use the portal to search by a known DOI for access.

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See the vendor’s help site for more information.

Ask Us if you have any questions or comments.