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Digital Research Data Sharing at WashU

Does WashU have a data repository?

WashU Libraries provide sharing and curation services for digital data and other research outputs (images, field sheets, spreadsheets, protocols, analysis scripts, etc.). Curation may include treatments such as review, documentation enhancement, transformation, and the preservation actions on digital objects for long-term access.
This service is available for research conducted by WashU affiliated individuals and groups.
The WashU Digital Research Materials Repository is a subset of the OpenScholarship institutional repository.


  • Your primary research materials will be archived and accessible for future researchers to reuse, which increases your research impact. 
  • Curating your primary research materials with WU Libraries, will safeguard your research time and investment with a trusted, long standing source, the University.
  • If your grant funder or publisher includes data sharing and archiving requirements, curating your data with the WU Libraries will fulfill this requirement.
  • Curating your research materials with the library will involve enriching your data beyond the standard storage and backup techniques. 
  • Improve the discoverability and cite-ability of your research materials, through the assignment of a DOI and the dissemination of your research to international linked data platforms.