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A Guide to Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies

This guide brings together some the best resources on the topics of Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies.


Search by Subject Heading

Searching the catalog with Subject Headings narrows results to materials that are specifically identified with the topic. Subject headings are very useful, however there may be items that are missed! The item record provides the option to "browse" the combined collections of WU Libraries using Browse Nearby Call Numbers. Physically browsing the stacks may also help identify associated topics and materials. Library staff are available to assist in finding materials.

Subject headings reflect the terminology of institutions more often than the vocabulary of minority communities. Often terminology is not updated, and multiple phrases may need to be included for a thorough search. Use OR and * (wildcard) to capture all relevant phrases. 

A subject search for transgender biographies may look like this:
SUBJECT: (transgender* OR transsexual*) AND
SUBJECT: biography

Or search for additional bibliographies for a search like this:
SUBJECT: (women OR gender OR sex*) AND
SUBJECT: bibliography

Browse Subject Headings

Also see this resource on LGBTQI+ Subject Headings from Indiana University Libraries.