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A Guide to Performing Arts Resources

Research help for drama and dance.

Collection Development Policy

Washington University in St. Louis

Collection Development Policy

Library: Olin

Subject: Performing Arts

Collection: General

Date Revised: March 25, 2014

Subject Librarian: Brad Short


1. General purpose:

To support student instruction and research up through the masters level and faculty research in Performing Arts.


2. Subjects excluded:



3. Overlap with other collections or subjects:

  • With Prof. Timothy Moore’s arrival in the Classics Department
  • There is considerable overlap with ancient Greek and Roman theater and drama.


4. Languages included and excluded:

Mostly an English language program.

5. Geographical limitations:


6. Chronological limits:


7. Retrospective acquisition:



8. Types of material collected and excluded:



9. Other factors to consider:

  • Until the Masters in Theater Performance Studies began a year or two ago, the PAD was almost exclusively focused on performance.
  • The Dance division within PAD is mostly ballet and is active in building that part of the book and video collection.


10. Subjects and Collecting Levels: