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A Guide to Linguistics Resources

A guide to resources for study and research in linguistics.

Collection Development Policy

Washington University in St. Louis

Collection Development Policy

Library: Olin

Subject: Linguistics

Collection: General

Date Revised: April 14, 2014

Subject Librarian: Daria Carson-Dussán


1. General purpose:

The Linguistics collection at Washington University supports the instructional and research needs of a special interdepartmental program that primarily serves undergraduates. Students may major or minor in Linguistics, and many of Linguistics courses can be used to fulfill cluster requirements.

In addition, the growing number of interdisciplinary studies programs creates curriculum-wide dependence on Linguistics materials at WU including the Reading and Language Lab in the Department of Psychology (see Overlap with other collections of subjects).


2. Subjects excluded :



3. Overlap with other collections or subjects:

  • Anthropology
  • Computer Science
  • Psychology, Education
  • English
  • Romance Languages & Literatures
  • Comparative Literature


4. Languages included and excluded:

Primarily English language materials are collected.


5. Geographical limitations:

While Geography is not a major concern for linguistics, the collection does reflect the strong concentration of research from the United States, Great Britain, Australia and Canada, as well the major European countries.


6. Chronological limits:

All periods are covered.


7. Retrospective acquisition:

Current material is emphasized, but older material is purchased at the request of faculty and budget adequacy.


8. Types of material collected and excluded:

  • Primary indexes and abstracts for linguistics are online.  Scholarly serials, monographs, some videos, and electronic resources are collected.  When possible, electronic editions are preferred for serials and monographs. 
  • Works addressed to a popular, non-scholarly audience are collected on a highly selective basis. Textbooks are purchased only in special circumstances, such a demonstrated need for purchasing of overview sources on a particular subject, or for reference purposes.


9. Other factors to consider:

All works by current and retired faculty are collected.  All rare books belonging to the library are kept in the Department of Special Collections, Olin Library.


10. Subjects and Collecting Levels:

(Most of the linguistics collection is at level 3B or 4).

  • P 1-32 General
  • P 33-38 Psycholinguistics
  • P 39 Language and logic
  • P 40-46 Sociolinguistics
  • P 47-48 Textual criticism
  • P 49-50 General
  • P 51-59 Study and teaching
  • P 60-86 History. Biography
  • P 87-97 Communication. Mass media
  • P 98 Computational linguistics
  • P 99-100 Semiotics
  • P 101-114 Philosophy, origin of language
  • P 115 Bilingualism
  • P 116 Origins of language
  • P 117 Sign language, gesture
  • P 118 Language acquisition
  • P 119 Minority languages
  • P 120-215 General linguistics
  • P 146-149 Structural linguistics
  • P 216-299 Technical linguistics
  • P 300-305 Rhetoric, discourse, vocabulary
  • P 302 Discourse analysis
  • P 306-320 Translation
  • P 321-330 Etymology, semantics
  • P 325 Semantics
  • P 331-390 Comparative lexicography
  • P 391-407 Linguistic atlases
  • P 408-500 Colloquial language, slang
  • P 501-900 Indo-European philology
  • P 901-1091 Extinct languages
  • PE 1-3729 English Language
  • PM 1-9021 Hyperborean, Native American, Artificial Languages