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A Guide to Mathematics Resources

Recommended resources for Mathematics and Statistics
Math Databases
Citation Linker
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Off-Campus Access

Top Math Databases

If your topic is well-researched or specialized, we recommend using a discipline-specific database. When you work in an area that is well established, there will be an abundance of relevant research available. A discipline-specific database will allow you to focus in on that research.

For topics in applied math, consider tools for those disciplines, such as Engineering, Economics, Business, etc. See the Find Articles sections of those subject Research Guides.

Additional Math Databases

Top Multidisciplinary Databases

If your topic is new or broad in scope, we recommend using a multidisciplinary database to find research publications from across different disciplines. When you work in a new area, there may not be enough research in your field to help guide you. A multidisciplinary database will allow you to find relevant research from other fields.

LibKey Nomad

LibKey Nomad is a browser plugin that proves one-click access to scholarly articles as you do research on the internet. When you find an article on a publisher's website or on Google, LibKey Nomad automatically checks the library's subscriptions to bypass paywalls and bring you the full-text article.

In addition to publisher's websites, LibKey Nomad also provides direct links to articles in SCOPUS, Web of Science, PubMed, Google Scholar, and Wikipedia.

Database Research Alerts

Set up alerts to save you valuable time and help you stay current in your field!  Most library databases allow you to set up email alerts for when new articles are published about a specific topic, or when new issues of specific journals are released.